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What To Bring


THIS CONTENT IS A DRAFT and is not in effect as a actual document.


For first time charter anglers the process of getting ready for a charter can be a mystery. Even to the experienced charter customer the process of the preparation can become daunting. Hopefully this article will help remind our customers what we have found through our experiences might be necessary for your consideration and preparation. We want our anglers to have the very best charter experience possible. Please always feel free to call us and discuss any issues concerning your charter that we  can help with.       

Clothing - The smart angler knows that the secret to a successful day is to be comfortable. The best way to accomplish this is be prepared for the weather at either extreme. Layering your clothing so that you can remove items as the day dictates will give you an advantage of covering your bases.      

Polarized Sunglasses - Having a clear vision of your fishing line and being able to see what is happening under the water's surface can be a distinct advantage in charter fishing. No self-respecting charter captain would ever consider sunglasses other than polarized.

Boat Shoes - Most, if not all, charter boats make a serious effort to keep their decks clean and clear for their charter guests. If you have ever enjoyed the frantic action of a great fishing bite you know that it gets wild. A wet bloody deck can be extremely slippery. Boat shoes can be an important safety item for any charter trip and today's athletic boat shoes are also excellent every day work shoes. 

Food/Drink/Cooler - All guests need to remember to bring along small coolers with their favorite food and drinks. We are not going to make suggestions about exactly what to bring. However, for those who aren't sure about motion sickness, light sandwiches with pretzels and crackers can be good for an upset stomach along with cold clear soda. We have also found that ginger snaps can be effective for mildly upset motion sickness.    

Gear Bag - A nice soft sided gear bag makes a great place to keep all your extra clothing and odds and ends together and organized.      

Sunscreen - This is one item that should be in every gear bag. Sunscreen is no longer an accessory. It is a necessity. Bring it along and put it on at least an hour before the the action starts. Don't forget to well cover your nose and ears.      

Cameras and Cell Phones - Nothing destroys valuable electronics any quicker than getting soaked in saltwater or hitting a hard deck! We don't want you to do without these great electronics but please bring good quality storage cases for them and don't leave them laying anywhere unprotected.